Iridized Moonstone Nassau Cup
Iridized Moonstone Nassau Cup

Iridized Moonstone Nassau Cup

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Cups sold individually. 

Made with an opaline white base colour, these enlightened full-moon-vibe Nassau Cups might remind you of some of your most fun nights when the energy was enough to scare off the dark. Iridized like a New Years disco at some beachfront, deep-house jam on a far away island. The tumblers vary widely with decoration that can range the full spectrum of earth tones, jewel tones, primary colour blocks, sparkly bits, dots, lines and squiggles. Made by rolling random handfuls of re-purposed and recycled colourful bits onto molten glass, that is fused and formed into a cup. Each cup will be entirely unique from the ones pictured and we can't guarantee that certain colours will or won't be present. It'll just be a pleasant surprise.

Handblown glass in not dishwasher safe and is vulnerable to temperature extremes. Do not use with boiling liquids.

Cups are roughly 5.5" tall. 

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