Peach Blush Nassau Cup

Peach Blush Nassau Cup

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Cups are sold individually.

There is only four of these tumblers, you might get one of these two pictured, or you might get one of the other two not pictured.  Made by rolling random handfuls of re-purposed and recycled colourful bits onto molten glass, that is fused and formed into a cup. This peachy blush fades from creamy white down to a light blush at the bottom. Not-iridized but decorated with a pleasing combination of earth tones, pastels and jewel tones. Like a 5 day vacation to Arcosanti after finishing a large project. 

Handblown glass in not dishwasher safe and is vulnerable to temperature extremes. Do not use with boiling liquids.

Cups are roughly 5.5" tall. 

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