Mixed Nassau Lavendar Tumbler

Mixed Nassau Lavendar Tumbler

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We crush up a lot of glass making our signature Nassau Cups and Vases, after which we end up with small piles of tiny multicoloured pieces of glass across a wide spectrum of textures and colours. So we've invented new ways to Nassau. Mostly Lavendar and antique black accents plus innumerable other colours mixed in.

Tumblers are hand-blown and so natural variation occurs in size and decoration. The tumblers may not be exactly as they appear in the photo but they will be a close approximation.

Tumblers are sold individually but if you purchase two or more of a style we will try to match them by size to make sets. They average between 5 - 6” tall.

Handblown glass in not dishwasher safe and is vulnerable to temperature extremes. Do not use with boiling liquids. 

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